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XDR2NET : Domain Names, Web Hosting, etc.

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Oh, I guess I should speak of the business side of the, via that program, I am a reseller of domain names, web hosting and all that stuff, it's called:

XDR2.NET (XDR2NET) - Internet Solutions

Domain names and web hosting cheaper then GoDaddy themselves.

On a personal note:

Ouch, GoDaddy, my internet domains supplier, just renewed my yearly "Super Reseller (with Pro Reseller & FREE Software) - Renewal (annual)" account.

First off, we will not start on the fact that it was $159.99 for the last few years and is now $203.88, OUCH that hurts. That's is up 27.4% in costs, now I wounder what I will get for that extra $43.89.

Second, ... more coming...