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My Projects

This is a partial list of in progress works I currently have.

Up and Running, have been for some time now.

  • (www.) - This domain and website.
    • - Forwards to XDR2NET, but the subdomains:
      • eu : Web hosting template being customized for links to www.XDR2.NET pages
        www : same as EU Note: Hosted for FREE overseas.
  • (www.) - My domain and webhosting business.

    Note: Drupal parsed the fact that I used a www. and a domain name, as a link, no coding needed for links on your pages, just use a URL with a www at the start. But on the other side, it does not control the target window, since there is no coding, need to code this one too myself.

    Note: The marketing is for the www.XDR2.NET website, but the url works, and it forwards to the secure version of the site (via
    For more about: XDR2NET

  •*Broken* - My Internet "Rick7425" business, on eBay, Amazon and others.

New toys: